Saturday, 29 September 2012


Malaysia is different with other countries in the world. It consist many type of races and diversities of cultures. There three main races in Malaysia which are Malay, Chinese and Indian. In these three main races, they owned their own very unique cultures in every way. So, to look in the smaller scope I have chosen Indian wedding as it consists a very unique history, culture, traditions, customs and also colorful clothes and variety of accessories. Apart from that, Indian wedding ceremony in Malaysia has its own difference rather than other wedding ceremony practiced by other races. Indian weddings are celebrated on a large scale. Family and friends get together to celebrate the occasion. Indian marriages are clad with rituals and customs. It is an elaborate concept in every Indian community. 

So, to get in depth about Indian wedding ceremony in Malaysia, keep reading my blog as we will enrich ourselves with information about Indian wedding ceremony including its customs, traditions, process or procedure, and also the costumes and accessories worn by the bride and groom and for the ceremony itself.